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In 1993, Dr. Martin heeded the call to missions in West Africa, specifically. Ghana, Nigeria, and the Ivory Coast. After several visits to West Africa, in October of 1995 he was confirmed as Chief of Progress and Development in Adukrom, Ghana, in West Africa. In this position, he is responsible for establishing a clinic, school, and a place of worship for the residents of several villages near Adukrom, Ghana.  


As Chief of Progress and Development, he will also be a leader and coordinator for economic development and growth in this area as well as in Accra, Cape Coast, Petpom, to list a few. He is also instrumental in supporting mission work in Kenya, East Africa.

Bishop Truman Martin D.D.S. has been active in missions for a long time with over 40 trips to Africa. He spends several weeks every year in places like Ghana, Nigeria, and Haiti. Having experienced the benefits of missions work firsthand, Bishop Truman hopes this site will encourage you to give to our missions projects

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