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Maranatha Faith Temple Church (Maranatha Christian Fellowship) was founded in 1977, as a result of a vision from the Lord to the founder and Pastor. Dr. Truman L. Martin. "Little is much when God is in it" and God certainly was in the beginnings of Maranatha. This little congregation of only (7) seven members not including children had very humble beginnings. The church has experienced several renovations and location changes.

In November of 1977, services were held in a little Cabin on Hanover St. (Dayton). Without any heat (except for that from a kerosene heater that filled the place with smoke and fumes). The little congregation decided to move services from home to home and later held all services in the home of Pastor & Mrs. Martin. Church in the Martin home was like being in a real church.

The stained glass panels, the carpeting, the piano in place, even the shape of the windows gave the appearance of an Ultra-Modern Church. It was there in the pastor's home that the real spirit of Maranatha was born.

The spirit of love, peace, friendliness, warmth and prayer. Mrs. Beverly Martin organized the choir and became the first minister of music. Mrs. Earnestine Lenoir became the first superintendent of Sunday School and her husband, Lee, the first Deacon. Always praying and looking for a more permanent Church home, a condemned building which at one time housed a dry cleaner and beauty shop was located at the corner of Hoover and Leland Avenues.
Pastor Martin ordained and installed three deacons. The first baptism was on August 10, 1980 and the first wedding was February 7, 1981.

What seemed at that time an impossible renovation project, a project of "Faith" began in 1978. On Mother's Day 1980, the church opened its doors at the new location of Hoover and Leland Streets.

In 1985, the second renovation project was completed a Children s Church was formed. A baptism pool was added after a building fund project in 1988. Due to continued growth and prosperity two Sunday morning services were held beginning the first Sunday in April 1990. Because this did not meet all the needs of the congregation, on October 6, 1991, the congregation moved to a new home at 4501 Wolf Road.

The congregation has continued to grow and within six months the new sanctuary was filled and we now have two Sunday morning services, again. In addition, to fulfill the vision that the Lord has placed in the Pastor's heart, in 1993, the church purchased 23.1 acres of land adjacent to the church. The vision has begun answering the vision that God has placed in the hearts of hope, and determination to press on in the quest set before us.

Key Milestones:
•1981 Maranatha Faith Temple changed to Maranatha Christian Fellowship
•October, 1991 purchased new church building at 4501 Wolf Road.
•1993, first missionary trip to Africa
•1993, Maranatha purchases an additional 23.1 acres of land adjacent to the Church
•1996, Mortgage paid in full
•1998, Maranatha Family Youth & Cultural Center construction began
•2001 Maranatha Family Youth & Cultural Center construction is completed.

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