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Maranatha's Education Program is under the leadership of Sarah Darden who can help high school students keep up with the many assignments they are expected to complete and perform at a higher level academically.


At Maranatha our motto is Salvation + Education = Success, We have experienced certified or retired teachers that are trusted by families Dayton, Ohio to give their high schoolers the boost they need to improve and maintain their grades, their test scores, and get into the college of their choice.

When students reach high school, they will face a number of difficult tasks both academically and socially. High school students are expected to manage more schoolwork that has grown in significant difficulty, and also juggle increasingly demanding extracurricular activities and social obligations.

For students of all levels, keeping up with a never-ending mountain of homework, tests, essays, quizzes, and whatever else comes their way can be an incredible challenge. For this reason, high school students can truly benefit from gaining the tutoring help they need to succeed in school.

Call Sis. Sarah Darden at 937-470-1934

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