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MARANATHA's WELCOMING MINISTRY strives to create a welcoming environment by showing love and to create a friendly atmosphere to all those who enter the worship center to be greeted with a warm welcome.


VISION: the vision of Maranatha Welcoming Ministry is “to develop the spirit of excellence in commitment, service, friendliness, and love towards others that we might win souls to Christ.”


MISSION: as greeters, we are here to show the love of Christ and to make everyone feel welcomed as they enter the church. Our goal is to ensure that their worship experience with us is a memorable one. We encourage the love of Christ by greeting individuals with a beautiful smile, a loving handshake or a brief hug and a kind word of welcome to our church.


We serve on Sunday morning service, Wednesday Bible class, on special Sundays, for conferences,  at funerals and anytime we are called to serve. We serve with a willing heart and a purpose of reaching souls. We greet anyone entering the church and encourage them to come again.



Maranatha Greeters Ministry Team_edited_

Greeters are to always be dressed appropriately with their name badges so that visitors would be able to identify who they are. Any questions or concerns can be directed to Sis Simon or any member of the Welcoming Ministry.  We work together as a team and do support one another.  If anyone is interested in becoming a Greeter please talk to any member of the Welcoming Ministry. We Love You.

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