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About us

Maranatha Christian Fellowship was founded in 1977, as a result of a vision from the Lord to our founders Bishop Truman L. Martin D.D.S., and his wife Pastor Beverly J Martin Ph. D. The mission for Maranatha Christian Fellowship is to have a community where all age groups are being cared for and shepherded spiritually, emotionally, and physically. In other words, meeting the need of the total person: spirit, soul, and body.

In November of 1977, services were held in a little cabin on Hanover St. (Dayton). Without any heat (except for that from a kerosene heater that filled the place with smoke and fumes). The little congregation decided to move services from home to home and later held all services at the Martin family home.

Church in the Martin home was like being in a real church. The stained glass panels, the carpeting, the piano in place, even the shape of the windows gave the appearance of an Ultra-Modern Church. It was there in the pastor's home that the real spirit of Maranatha was born.

our pastors:
Bishop Truman L. Martin D.D.S.
Dr. Beverly J. Martin Ph.D
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