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The Maranatha Worship Centre will be located in the centre of the complex. It will be located at the centre, because of its significance to the vision and its importance. The Worship Center will be totally dedicated to prayer. praise and worship. The Worship Center will be circular in design with a seating capacity of approximately 2000, classrooms for about .500, and a state of the art studio for audio and video needs.


The Maranatha Christian Academy will be the educational component of the vision. The school will offer unique learning process with a curriculum which has a Christian perspective. The school will offer education requirements for grades K-12.

Offering tutorial Services as well as test-preparation and scholarships


1995 Bishop Truman Martin was confirmed as Chief of Progress and Development in Adukrom, Ghana, in West Africa. In this position, he is responsible for establishing a clinic, school, and a place of worship for the residents of several villages near Adukrom, Ghana.  

As Chief of Progress and Development, he will also be a leader and coordinator for economic development and growth in this area as well as in Accra, Cape Coast, Petpom, to list a few. He is also instrumental in supporting mission work in Kenya, East Africa.

Bishop Truman Martin D.D.S. has been active in missions for a long time with over 40 trips to Africa. He spends several weeks every year in places like Ghana, Nigeria, and Haiti. Having experienced the benefits of missions work firsthand, Bishop Truman hopes this site will encourage you to give to our missions projects



The Maranatha Recreation Center will be the facility that enables us to focus on the physical man. This facility will house a gymnasium, exercise rooms, training rooms, equipment, and classrooms. There will be special classes on aerobics, exercising for kids and adults, nutrition, dieting, weight-lifting, running and many other activities. This facility will also be able to be converted into a Fellowship Hall for banquets. receptions, plays and other facilities to the ministry. It represents our belief and focus of prayer and worship being the center of our life and the church's vision. The Maranatha Worship Centre

Maranatha Health Center will focus on the physical health and wellness of our members and community. At this facility, individuals will be able to receive educational information, basic health screening, counselling, and physician referrals. The focus of the facility will be on prevention and education with a biblical focus based on what the word says concerning your body. This facility is a much-needed addition to the community in order to address the unique and special needs of its people.


The Maranatha Golden Age Center is a housing complex for senior citizens. This facility wilt offer safe. affordable housing to the senior citizens of our community, especially members of our congregation. The Golden Age Center will give our senior members the security of having a safe, affordable place to live when they reach their golden years.

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